Thinking out loud

I've been taking notes for a while on what topics I would like to discuss in this blog. Below is my complete list (up until today) to help give you and idea of what to expect.
  • 2007 4th of July dinner (Oregon)
  • Sushi experience
  • Wedding Cake
  • Pizza
  • Hot sauces
  • Dinner for David
  • Kenosha root beer
  • My favorite recipes
  • Grilled cheese
  • Food around the world
  • Favorite chain restaurants
  • Food Network
  • My Paula Deen favorites
  • Tinks and Hooties
  • How I jazz-up mac n' cheese
  • Try It! (A reoccurring feature about new foods I try from stores and think are great)
  • Ren Fair
  • Roots/Cellar
  • Triscuit Nachos
  • Bingo Brunch
  • Food and hospitals

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