Favorite Chain Restaurants

In no particular order:

Red Robbin (For Jen!)
They do have really fabulous burgers! And the Drinks are good too, which is very important for those late night cravings. I haven't eaten there enough to be familiar with their menu though.

My husband and I have been there a few times since they opened one down the road from us. Every time we go we seem to get into these crazy discussions and get some goofy ideas. One of them was we thought it would be a great idea that instead of kissing at our wedding when people clanged their glasses, we would have the entire wedding party shoot the clanger with water guns! A few days later that idea wore off though.....

I think they have such delicious and quick food! I used to eat there all the time until I fond out how unhealthy the food is (mostly VERY high amounts of sodium). It's also a great place to meet for business or to do homework. My favorite would be their You Pick Two; I always get 1/2 a greek salad - which always cost a little extra.

I've eaten there so much I'm kind of sick of it now, but generally this place has been my favorite. My "new" favorite item is their hot cheese dip with ground beeeef!!! mmmmmm

Red Lobster
Two words: Cheesy Biscuit

Hungry Howie's
I first had this in Florida and then later in Michigan. They don't have one in Wisconsin, so it's something I look forward to having when I visit family. They have really good dipping sauce too! If you have never eaten there, they are known for their flavored crusts.

Generally speaking, Perkins is not my favorite restaurant, but it is a favorite for breakfast!

This is only my favorite for their Hot Ham n Cheese sandwich. There aren't many of these around so it's always a treat to find one!

Mmmmm, toasty! I've tried most of their sandwiches and still find the italian to be the best. I've never been brave enough to try their salads though. And the cheesy broccoli soup is good if they serve it hot!

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