I love infomercials!

They get me every time! One night I was watching one for some hot pocket-like countertop cooker where a lady makes about 15 meals in 7 min on a long counter. I was honestly impressed, but of course never bought it. One of the meals made was a chimichanga using left over Mexican food; a really small amount of left over Mexican food.

The next day I went out to dinner for my cousin's birthday at a Cubin restaurant. I had a steak with onions and rice. As usual, I had leftovers but not very much. Normally, I would have thrown this out, but I remembered that I could make a whole new meal with just a really small amount of left over Cuban (Mexican) food - so I took it home!

The next morning I took my leftovers and made a great breakfast for two! Minus the hot pocket-like countertop cooker.

What you'll need/what I had

steak - leftover and seasoned
onions - leftover and already cooked
rice - leftover and yellow
egg mixture (milk and s/p - whisked)
green pepper
  • Chop green peppers and heat in skillet with butter
  • Chop onions and steak and heat in skillet
  • Pour egg mixture over top and mix quickly until scrambled

I had mine with ketchup on the side.

I can't wait to try the Magic Bullet next...

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