I was at my parent's house the other day for dinner and helped my dad make an incredible dessert! It's very simple to prepare and was full of flavor, so I just had to share.
(Since this is my dad's recipe, there aren't any exact measurements. He's a "little of this little of that" kind of cook.)

Dad's fruit salad dessert


Brown sugar

  • Place a few tablespoons of brown sugar in the bottom of a bowl
  • Prep and cut one container of fresh strawberries; place in bowl
  • Peal and cut a few Kiwis (equal to amount of strawberries); place in bowl
  • Juice 3 - 4 tangerines directly into the bowl. Be sure to remove all the seeds (there’s a lot!) The high amount of seeds is what made us decide at the last minute to just use the juice; it was too hard to pick out all the seeds!
  • Mix and serve

We served them in a glass ice cream cup. We all loved it.

Tip: The bottom of your cup will collect quite a bit a juice; I thought it would be good to save it and pour over ice cream.

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