Bloody Mary Bar!

A.K.A. a reason to have a party in our basement! We made some progress in dressing up our bar and wanted to show it off, so I thought a little theme party would be a good start. I thought most people wouldn't like the idea, but it was received very well!

When you make a bloody mary bar you can basically do whatever you want, just make sure you do a lot of it! I over did it a bit on the amount of vodka, but that will not go to waste later.

A bloody mary can be a meal within itself, but I told people, if they wanted, to bring a light snack and some beer for chasers. There ended up being plenty to go around!

So, here is the first bloody mary of the night.

You can see a neon Captain Morgan sign reflecting in the mirror.

I bought the following for about 20 happy guests...
1 jar of pickled asparagus
1 jar of pickled brussel sprouts
1 jar of cocktail onions
2 jars of pimento stuffed olives
1 jar of blue cheese stuffed olives
1 jar of pepperocinis
1 jar of pickles spears (kosher dill)
3 small bottles of hot sauce (various types)
1 container of celery salt
1 container of lemon pepper
1 bottle of worcestershire sauce
1 jar of capers
1 bag of ready to eat shrimp
1 bag of mini beef sticks (cheaper than the full sized ones)
1 container of cherry tomatoes
1 large celery stalk
2 bell peppers

1 jar of homemade pickled green beans
1 jar of homemade pickled mushrooms

6 liters of vodka (I only went through about 1/2 of that. Remember to go mid-grade with that. You won't really taste it in the drink if you make it right)
2 large cans of tomato juice
4 jars of bloody mary mix (various brands)

To make things easier, I laid out all the glass on the table and had a cooler of ice next to them on the floor. I thought my overall flow was good, but after making a drink or two I noticed it was a bit congested. But this seemed hard to remedy because everyone makes their drink in a different order, or the rest don't know what they are doing.

BUT, it was still a great party :-) Even though it's been about a month since the party and I'm still up to my eyeballs in pickled condiments!

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