I survived...barely

So, we had the triple bypass burger and as you can see, I lived to tell about it.

It was as good as it looks! I loved it. It was great. The best part was the grilled cheese buns.

But incase you don't want to try it and are still curious about what it's like.
Here's a little recap of how it will go.

  • MmmmYup, this is good
  • You know what, this is pretty salty
  • Man I love grilled cheese
  • That was delicious
  • I'm just going to lie down for minute. Wake me up in 10 minutes.....
  • ....What happened?! Where did everyone go.
If that didn't make any sense to you. It means after you eat it, you will pass out worse than you did on Thanksgiving.

1 comment:

  1. By far the best burger i have ever had. the fact that it uses grill chess sandwiches as buns is genius.