Put these on your grocery list!

Recently, I've become a little adventurous and veered off the grocery list to try a few new things.
  • Salad finishers
  • Jalapeno Scoops
Sargento salad finishers
I've seen the commercials for these and they sounded totally lame. I would never buy them; they are just for lazy people who want to waste money. To be more specific, it's a bag of salad toppings in various flavors. You can find them right next to the bagged salad mixes. So, why did I end up trying it....I was lazy and couldn't decide what I wanted on my salad that week.
Well, I was pleasantly surprised! I liked it so much I bought it a second time. Now, I wouldn't buy it every week since it is pricey for the amount you get. But, if you're in a hurry/lazy then I say go for it.

Jalapeno Scoops
This is something else I never thought I would try since I don't like Scoops. But, since I do love jalapeno (I even just bought a jalapeno plant from the garden store today) I thought it would be worth a shot. Well, it was an amazing decision!
I used them to make my special nachos (recipe in a previous post) and it made them so much better! First, the hint of jalapeno was delicious. It really added that little something extra, though it wasn't spicy. But I think the best part was since the Scoops are bowl shaped, you now get a bowl of melted cheese instead of just cheese on a regular chip!!! Definitely hard to share. I haven't tried it with regular salsa because I really don't see the need to.

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