Life's little let downs

Now a rarity, I was watching Dinner Impossible on the Food Network (back when they took a brief break from Mr. Irvine) and the challenge was to take boardwalk food and turn it into a gourmet meal. One item in particular caught my attention, chocolate covered bacon. It sounded gross, yet amazing. I new I had to try it, but where in the world would I find this.

Nearly a year later, my wait was over. In the Wisconsin State Fair's quest to have the world's largest selection of food on a stick, this year they've added chocolate covered bacon on a stick.

(by the way, it was really hard trying to get an appetizing shot of this thing)

There was quite the line outside of the Machine Shed tent to order this treat, but it moved very quickly. So quickly, I hardly had time to know what was going on. I can't even tell you how much I paid. But who cares?! How did it taste?

The verdict is..... meh. It wasn't really anything special. There was no harmony, no mmmmm, nothing. It just didn't work for me. Separate the two and they were good. The bacon was crispy and the chocolate was good too. But don't let my picky taste buds deter you from trying. There are some quality fair days left, so go ahead and try it. I Dare You!

p.s. Even though the State Fair's website says you can get kettle corn on a stick, you can't. The kettle corn guy said they weren't able to make it this year, but will try next year.

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