Iron Chef! Part 3

My work had a pot luck lunch a few weeks ago and we decided on an Iron chef theme. We had three categories and each category had a theme ingredient. Appetizer: Cheese, Main course: Booze, and Dessert: Fruit. It turned out really well! There was a ton of food and it was all so good. I took pictures of most of the dishes, but only got the recipes from the winning dishes.

I'm going to finally share with you the last course, the dessert. The winning dish was a bit of a surprise, but a winner none-the-less. :-)

See the previous post for the winning appetizer and main dish recipes.

Chocolate Cake

  • Use Betty Crocker Supreme boxed brownie mix with Hershey's chocolate (prepare as directed on box)
  • Cook in 9" round pan, 350 degrees for 40 minutes (this makes it more like a cake than a brownie)
  • Dust with powdered sugar
  • Top and garnish with fresh raspberries

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