Snack Shack Under Construction

The Snack Shack (a.k.a. my kitchen) will be under construction soon. But as with most constructions, will return bigger and better. Well, in my case, just better.

We will be replacing our counter tops, getting a new sink, new and LARGER cook top, new oven, and a DISHWASHER! We recently got our first KitchenAid mixer in "Pistachio" and a restaurant style-ish deep fryer. So, with all of these new things I hope to be cooking up a storm in the next few months. So for now I won't be cooking too much (we are also busy redoing our shower and tub in the bathroom).

However, I do have a few posts on the back burner to keep you full while we do our updates. I'm thinking 2 more soup recipes, one about chocolate martinis, a short review (finally!) of Julia & Juile, pork tenderloin and beer pairing dinner, and maybe one more.

Until then, here is the final view of our old/current kitchen.

Kitchen when we moved in

Kitchen after some new paint and hardware

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